Authors N. N. Prokopenko, A. V. Bugakova, N. V. Butyrlagin
Month, Year 02, 2018 @en
Index UDC 621.375.9
DOI 10.23683/2311-3103-2018-2-113-126
Abstract It is shown that in the analysis of nonlinear effects in the large-signal operation, it is advisable to combine the basic subcircuits of the differential operational amplifiers (Op-Amp) and differential difference (DOA) operational amplifiers, including the input differential (DS) and the intermediate (DP) stages, into the structure of the inertialless capacitance correction driver (DCc), the transfer characteristic of which has the output current limitation. In this case, the difference between the functional diagram of the DOA and the classical Op-Amp circuit is that several additional identical input DSs (DS1, DS2, DS3, etc.) are connected to the DP, the range of active operation of which, characterized by the clamping voltage, is measured in unities of volts. Consequently, the DOA has a higher linearity than the classical operational amplifier in the input circuits. On the basis of the Op-Amp (DOA) non-linear macromodels with a first-order transfer function the interrelation of parameters of the amplitude characteristic restriction in the output cascade and the DSK through passage with the key OA (DOA) dynamic parameters – On the basis of Op-Amp (DOA) nonlinear macromodels with a first-order transfer function the interrelation of the limitation parameters in the constraint parameters of the gain characteristic of the output stage and the transfer characteristic of the DCc with basic dynamic parameters of Op-Amp (DOA) – the maximum slew rate; the maximum frequency of the distortionless output harmonic voltage with a defined amplitude; the capacitance of balancing capacitor; the equivalent impedance, connected in parallel with the balancing capacitor; the loop gain; the Op-Amp gain voltage in the low frequency range; the feedback circuit gain; the transient time; the output voltage amplitude of the Op-Amp; the actual power in the load; the unity gain frequency of the corrected Op-Amp; the upper frequency limit of the open-loop Op-Amp; the cutoff gain frequency of the signals at full power in the load. It is shown that the linear operation area of the Op-Amp (DOA) is a complex polygon that is characterized by the break frequencies of the DCc overload segments and the output stage, and also by some generalized coefficient 0, simultaneously taking into account the nonlinearities of the characteristics of the output stage and the DCc for a defined depth of total negative feedback. The recommendations are given on the design of Op-Amps and DOAs, considering the nonlinear effects in their main subcircuits.

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Keywords Maximum slew rate; differential operational amplifier; differential difference operational amplifier; basic dynamic parameters; nonlinearity of the output stage; nonlinearity of the capacitance correction driver.
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