Authors I. V. Malyshev, E. N. Osadchy, O. A. Goncharova
Month, Year 02, 2018 @en
Index UDC 621.372
DOI 10.23683/2311-3103-2018-2-126-142
Abstract In this paper we analyze the prospects for taking into account and using the diffusion component of the output current of hot carriers that manifests itself as a nonlinear component under conditions of influencing the volume of AIIIBV semiconductors of high-intensity constant and alternating electric and constant magnetic fields. Based on the phenomenological model representing the drift and warm-up processes in the form of a system of differential equations, taking into account the dependence of the effective mass on energy and Einstein"s ratio for the diffusion coefficient, calculation and analysis of the output conductivity were performed, taking into account various cases of diffusion nonlinearity. The calculated diffusion component of the output conductivity in a number of cases of a combination of the constant and an alternating electric field amplitudes has a significant value in the microwave and EHF ranges comparable with the drift, which indicates the need for its consideration in the design of converter devices and self-excited generators. In addition, the amplitude dependence of the diffusion additive in the output current density has been detected, which can be characterized as a "bulk diffusion detection effect". These properties are possessed by modern semiconductors with multivalley configuration of energy bands.The amplitude dependence of the constant diffusion coefficient of carriers was also revealed. When studying the mutually orthogonal arrangement of the static magnetic field with respect to the electric field, it was found that, due to the Lorentz force, the main electrophysical parameters of the carriers: velocity, energy, effective mass and diffusion coefficient are recorded in the component form, and the transverse component of the drift velocity for strong values of the magnetic field induction B>4 T, demonstrates the displacement of the beginning of the falling section on the drift (volt-ampere) characteristic in the direction of decreasing (2 times), which indicates the detected new "Gunn effect, controlled by a magnetic field." Thus, the fundamental possibility of creating two-dimensional devices for frequency conversion (autodyne type mixers) has been revealed. A construction of a semiconductor structure sample is proposed for experimental verification of the results obtained and a structural diagram of the experimental setup.

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Keywords Diffusion coefficient; drift-diffusion model; Gunn effect; bulk conductance; SHF frequency convertors.
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