Authors V. A. Obukhovets
Month, Year 03, 2018 @en
Index UDC 621.372.6
Abstract The problems of complex radioelectronic devices and systems parameters calculation at microwaves are considered. Even an approximate single-mode theory application requires to analyze rather complex multiport scheme with a large number of inputs. It is shown that the traditional methods of low-frequency circuits analyzing, modified taking into account phase delays, can not be considered acceptable when while operating at microwaves. The most effective methods are decomposition ones. However, only for some individual variants of schemes, analysis does not require high speed and a large memory. The application of universal analysis algorithms for complex circuits requires high computational costs. At the same time, for symmetric multiports, a rational consideration of geometric symmetry properties makes it possible to substantially simplify the analysis problem. Using the example of rotary symmetry multiports which are invariant with respect to the rotation through an angle 2π/N, it is shown that problem of multiport scattering matrix calculating can be reduced to the calculation of relatively simple partial two-ports. Those two-ports represent the initial multipolar network when its inputs are excited by voltages proportional to the eigenvectors of the parameter matrix. The reflection coefficient of n-th azimuthal voltage harmonic corresponds to the n-th eigenvalue of the matrix. For the mentioned above multiports, the system of matrix eigenvectors is easily determined, making the calculation much simpler. The operation of the algorithm is illustrated by the example of calculating the "star-shaped" microwave power divider.

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Keywords Multiport; scattering matrix; eighenvectors; analysis; symmetry; partial two-port; power divider.
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