Authors V. N. Gridin, V. I. Anisimov, M. M. Abukhazim
Month, Year 04, 2018 @en
Index UDC 681.5.01:658.512.2
Abstract The methods of increasing the productivity of large-scale integrated circuit simulation systems based on compact processing of sparse matrices are considered. It turns out that due to the presence of sparse matrices in the mathematical description, arises the problem of changing the traditional approaches to the formation and solution of equation systems based on a complete description of the matrices used. It is noted that the well-known methods of compact processing of sparse matrices differ significantly in their efficiency, as well as in labor costs in the development of software that implements data compression at the stage of the description of components and in the process of solving equations. A detailed comparative analysis of possible methods for compact processing of sparse matrices is given with the aim of establishing recommendations for the development of high-performance software for modeling large-scale integrated circuits based on data compression. It is concluded that the most effective from the point of view of saving memory is the method of structurally symmetric matrices. It is noted that the use of the index-address matrices method is of practical importance, which makes it possible, in creating high-performance computer-aided design systems, to implement software modeling software in the simplest way. It is noted that the classical form of all methods of fixed format does not allow to list non-zero elements in an arbitrary order and include additional elements in a compact description. Therefore, in the classical form, the method of structurally symmetric matrices does not allow one to apply it directly to the processing of a compact description when solving systems of equations due to the inevitable appearance of new nonzero elements in the process of this solution. At the heart of the data compression technique proposed on the basis of structurally symmetric matrices lies the two-stage technology for constructing the software of the system, while the first, topological stage solves the problem of determining the format of the description, taking into account the possible appearance of new non-zero elements in the process of solving the equations of the modeled system, and the second step is the formation of a mathematical description of the problem in the extended format obtained at the first stage.

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Keywords Systems of computer-aided design; circuit design automation; data compression; system modeling; compact processing; sparse matrixes.
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