Authors N. N. Gorbatenko, D. V. Semenikhina
Month, Year 07, 2018 @en
Index UDC 621.369.9
DOI 10.23683/2311-3103-2018-7-16-24
Abstract At the moment, the urgent task is to study the nonlinear effects of artificial objects arising under irradiation with a monochromatic wave. In the literature, this effect is called the nonlinear scattering effect (NSE). The practical application of the ENR covers a wider area of radio engineering. NSE is widely used to create sensors, tracking insects, searching for people. One of the main domain of the practical application of NSE is also the expansion of the class of nonlinear diffusers, the creation of noise generators, the creation of hidden communication channels. Previously obtained results for a flat microstrip structure with nonlinear inclusions on DNG substrates of the material have confirmed the feasibility of using metamaterial (MM) to increase the level of harmonic components of the scattered field. However, a more preferred method for introducing NSE would be the use of conformal structures with nonlinear elements. This article deals with the problem of excitation of a magnetic current a filament of a perfect conducting cylinder with non-linear loads (NLs) coated with a MM. The material with negative dielectric and magnetic permeability’s at the excitation frequency was chosen as the MM. The problem is solved by the method of integral equations using the Lorentz Lemma, nonlinear boundary conditions (NBC) on the surface of the NLs, the boundary conditions on the cylinder and the conditions of radiation on infinity. Nonlinear loads are described by a polynomial current-voltage characteristic. Using the developed C ++ program, which is based on the Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno algorithm (BFGS), scatterplots were calculated for various positions of non-linear loads. It was shown that the use of a coating of MM with negative values of dielectric and magnetic permeability, allows you to increase the level of the reflected 3rd harmonic field, with certain parameters of nonlinear loads, on 10 dB compared to a dielectric of FR-4 material. The proposed structure can be used in non-linear radar systems, as well as for monitoring human physical parameters, creating portable jammers.

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Keywords Nonlinear load; nonlinear tags; nonlinear boundary conditions; metamaterial.
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