Authors V. V. Grivtsov
Month, Year 07, 2018 @en
Index UDC 534. 222. 2
DOI 10.23683/2311-3103-2018-7-46-55
Abstract One of the directions of the use of parametric radiators of a sound is making hydroacoustic measurements. In this work there are the results of the experimental studies of the processes of non-linear interaction of acoustic waves for the slightly concaved transformer of the pumping of the parametric antenna. The amplitude and phase characteristics of a sound field of the focusing pumping transformers which are used in parametric antennas are studied. The existence of focus where there is a transformation of waves of pumping from spherically congregating waves to the spherically dispersing waves is also of interest, i.e. the oscillation phase in the focus changes on the value of π. The analysis of the received researching results of phase and amplitude characteristics of the focusing parametric antennas showed that in a distant zone of interaction spatial characteristics have some likeness to characteristics of the antenna with the convex transformer of pumping. However, the focusing parametric antennas have also some peculiarities in the formation of secondary radiation - in the field of focus there is a transformation of the phase front of pumping waves that causes the increase of the distance of formation of spherically dispersing wave of different frequency in comparison to the convex radiator. Such phenomenon as "saturation" is studied for the slightly concaved transformers of pumping. The effect of "saturation" is seen in the case when a noticeable part of energy goes for generation of new spectral components, in particular, the second harmonica of different frequency at the time of reaching of a certain level of radiation of interacting waves of pumping. It is necessary to make the conclusion about the formation of parametric radiating antennas of an acoustic field with the homogeneous phase structure in all interconnection area of pumping waves. The main regularities of its formation are defined. Homogeneous phase characteristics of the parametric antenna with the focusing pumping transformer, broadbandness, absence of side radiation, a small size and other advantages can successfully be implemented in measuring parametric radiators when making hydroacoustic measurements.

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Keywords Parametrical antenna; wave of difference frequency; the directional pattern; phase characteristics of the acoustic field; the focusing radiator; near zone of the radiator; the spherical wave front; flat wave; resonant frequency; the wave front; rating waves.
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