Authors V. A. Obukhovets
Month, Year 07, 2018 @en
Index UDC 621.396.67
DOI 10.23683/2311-3103-2018-7-177-185
Abstract There is considered the microwave multiports synthesis problem. The scattering matrix coefficients at the prescribed frequency are the initial data for the problem. Methods of solution quality evaluating are discussed. It is shown that in order to simplify the problem solution and reduce its dimension, it is necessary to take into account the multiport physical properties. The most effective solution can be obtained for symmetric multiports. A variant of complete circular symmetry is considered in detail. For multiports that are invariant under rotation by the angle 2π / N, the procedure for determining the system of eigenvectors is the simplest one. In this case, the application of the spectral expansion of the scattering matrix makes it possible to reduce the solution to the synthesis of nondegenerate eigenvalues. For the simplest basic elements in the form of transmission lines segments, a regular method for synthesizing both the structure and the parameters of the multiport has been developed. It is shown that for a certain method of the segments lengths choosing, the calculation of the wave admittances is based on solving of a linear algebraic equations system. An example of the synthesis of a reactive multiport with six inputs is considered. Its frequency properties are investigated. The calculated results are checked experimentally on the device layout.

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Keywords Multiport; analysis; synthesis; eigenvectors; eigenvalues; symmetry; basic elements; frequency properties.
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