Authors G.I. Dhzandzhgava, G.I. Gerasimov, L.I. Avgustov
Month, Year 03, 2013 @en
Index UDC 621.317.4.
Abstract Article is devoted to solution an actual task on creation navigation and guidance systems, complied with set of standard requirements to navigation systems of combat airplanes concerning global effect, autonomous accuracy, security and interference protection. Introduction gives a short description of navigation properties of spatial geophysical fields (gravitational, magnetic, electromagnetic) and classification of navigation and guidance systems according to specified fields. In main part of article are stated obtained results of developing each kind of navigation and guidance systems according to spatial fields. Results are based on implemented research activity regarding cartographical maintenance and airborne measurement equipment of fields’ parameters. Consideration is also given to matter of affecting by magnetic disturbances an operation of navigation system according to magnetic field of the Earth, stated experimental data concerning anomalous component of gravitational field, depending on height and results of experimental studies according to properties of airplanes (Su-24 and Su-27) radio emissions due to electrization. On the basis of conducted analysis of R&D results are formulated conclusions, which may be assumed as a basis for acceptance logistic solutions.

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Keywords Vector magnetometer; gradiometer; sensor-analyzer of radio emission spectrum; dispersion and an interval of correlation anomalies.
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