Authors R.A. Kochkarov
Month, Year 01, 2013 @en
Index UDC 338.2
Abstract The typical processes of program-oriented approach to economic management are researched and lifecycle of the target program is structured in paper. The structure and work content analysis on forming and implementation of the target program and structuring its lifecycle is carried out. All stages of lifecycle are considered, beginning from selection of problems for program development before management of implementation of the target program and control of a course of its accomplishment. The circle of participants of program process at development stages, tracking and the analysis of productivity of target programs, their role functions, algorithms of the work, used acceptances and tools is revealed. In an analysis result the network model of lifecycle of the target program, representing itself as the tool for development and implementation of management decisions is constructed. It includes three sorts of nodes which describe it by processes, participants and documents and reflect in interrelation the main stages of lifecycle of the target program. Some defects in lifecycle are revealed, recommendations about their elimination are offered.

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Keywords Program-oriented approach; target program; lifecycle.
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