Authors N.А. Khalturinskij, T.A. Rudakova
Month, Year 08, 2013 @en
Index UDC 536.46
Abstract The functions of the main components of intumescent coatingswas investigated.It was shown the necessity of sequential interaction of the components of the coating during the heating and destruction.Тhe mechanism of formation of the foam layer required for reliable insulation protected surfaceis present.It is shown that the components of the composition must be chosen in such a way that they react in a predetermined sequence until a certain point time when result of the formation a protective layer on the surface heat flow unreacted coating layer would be reduced and the reaction would cease.Upon further heating the reaction of forming a protective layer begins again. Whole process is cyclical nature and continues as long as all the material is reacted.

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Keywords Polymer combustion; heat balance; flame; burning surface; inhibitor effects.
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