Authors N.N. Kisel’, S.G. Grishchenko, D.A. Kardos
Month, Year 11, 2012 @en
Index UDC 629.7.028.6
Abstract Development of small antennas has received a lot of attention during the last years due to size reduction of the devices. The antenna is based on the dual-resonant antenna structure reported. The studied antenna consists of three shorted patches, one for the lower band and two for the upper band. The antenna is fed by a probe. The antenna structure was designed and theoretically studied using FEKO (kernel OPTFEKO) based 3D electromagnetic simulation program. This work presents the optimisation of dual-band patch antenna in order to achieve a large bandwidth in the 1,8 GHz band, using an optimisation technique based Simplex method. During the optimisation process, the different antenna models have been evaluated using method of moment (MoM). As a result of this optimisation, antenna was obtained the values of VSWR not exceeding two in the working frequency bands it was achieved with dual-band patch antenna with the same overall dimensions due to new point of feed. Graphs of VSWR and the real and imaginary impedance for various frequencies are shown.

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Keywords Patch antenna; standing wave ratio (VSWR); optimization.
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