Authors V.B. Lebedev, A.A. Shashelov
Month, Year 07, 2012 @en
Index UDC 681.325
Abstract In this paper, we present a new genetic algorithm for solving the global routing problem. The main idea of the algorithm is the coding alternatives of constructing the route in the vertices of the graph. This paper describes the principles for encoding and decoding of the chromosome in a compact form, also describes the genetic operators. Which distinctive line is that real placing of connection on areas is coded not, and procedure of its construction on a switching field, and a code is number in binary system of calculations. Process of construction of a route consists in consecutive moving on edges graph G from vertex to vertex, according to the set code. It considerably simplifies performance of genetic operators and reduces volume of necessary memory. Labour input coding and chromosome decoding has linear complexity O (L), where L - length of a chromosome. Experimental researches were spent on IBM PC. Compared with existing algorithms achieved better results.

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Keywords Genetic algorithm; global routing; optimization.
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