Authors A.I. Sherstobitov, V.P. Fedosov, V.A. Prihodchenko, D.V. Timofeev
Month, Year 11, 2013 @en
Index UDC 004.93’12, 004.93’14
Abstract This paper considers solution of face recognition problem in case image processing of group faces. A review of existing methods of pre-processing: filtering, segmentation are present. Considered a set of different approaches to solving the problem of face recognition on images. In paper present modification of method face recognition on base PCA (eigenface). Modification involve using reprocessing image of matting algorithm. Results of research is exam on several base of images (ORL, BioID) and manual set of images of group peoples – UserID. The results are shows an increase in the efficiency of face recognition in case using algorithms preliminary separation image on the background and field recognition. The proposed face recognition method is robust to the image background, that can significantly extend field of its using. Results of studies concluded that the use of image matting improves the robust of the system face recognition. The proposed algorithm allowed identify faces by image with single persons, and with group persons.

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Keywords Pattern recognition; eiganface; face detection; image matting; reognition; identification.
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