Article title OVERVIEW OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FOR INFORMATION SECURITY on the reports XIII International Scientific Conference «Information Security 2013″
Authors Yu.A. Bryukhomitsky, O.B. Makarevich
Month, Year 12, 2013 @en
Index UDC 004.056:061.68
Abstract Presents a selective overview of the most interesting and significant works of Russian specialists, reflecting the main trends in the development of information security in Russia. The review is based on the XIII International Scientific-Practical Conference "Information Security 2013", held 9–12 July 2013 in Russia, Taganrog. Research on Information Security, presented at the Conference by Russian specialists are grouped into six areas corresponding to the names of the sections: 1. The conceptual issues of information security. 2. Protection of objects of information. 3. Security of information systems and networks. 4. Methods and means of cryptography and steganography. 5. Information security of telecommunication systems. 6. Applied to information security.

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Keywords Information security; conceptual issues; protection of objects of information; the security of information systems and networks; methods and means of cryptography and steganography; the security of tele-communications systems; applied to information security.
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2. Материалы ХIII Международной научно-практической конференции «Информационная безопасность». Ч. II. Материалы III Всероссийской молодежной конференции «Перспектива-2013». – Таганрог: Изд-во ЮФУ, 2013. – 252 с

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