Authors E.Y. Kosenko, A.Y. Nomerchuk, I.O. Shapovalov
Month, Year 01, 2014 @en
Index UDC 620.92:681.5
Abstract The control problem for such grids, which are characterized by large territorial distribution and heterogeneity, has great topicality in the present. The system heterogeneity can be related to using of the alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power plants. It’s proposed to implement the control of such systems on the basis of the Smart Grid concept. At the same time control should be distributed that is grid operation optimization should be implemented by the group of local intelligent controllers. The formal mathematical model of the power system with geographically distributed sources and consumers of various types is presented. The formal control task is stated on the basis of an efficiency function optimization. Analytical expressions for estimation of costs related to ecological impact, power consuming and distribution were introduced. The using of multi-agent systems for the considered power system control is proposed and justified. We described the structure, basic features of the proposed multi-agent system and energy agent interaction rules. The presented structure is simple thanks to proposed classification of intelligent agents.

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Keywords Power system; territorial distribution; heterogeneity; Smart Grids; model; multi-agent sys-tem; optimization; efficiency function.
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