Authors I.B. Abbasov, H.V. Gabriljan, V.V. Orekhov
Month, Year 01, 2014 @en
Index UDC 744 (075.8)
Abstract Work is devoted the conceptual design of the new «Lotos». The short review of analogs of a prototype of various world car makers is carried out. At creation of the design concept of car body, the bionic form of petals of a lotus is used. Ergonomic drawing model performed with binding to man biometrics. Developed transport model of a series of of dynamic luxury cars. Conceptual modeling carried in stages: create a sketch of the general form of the future model is compositional solution, the ratio of the components relative to each other, any major stylistic decisions. Prototypes of contours of car body are designed in the form of outline sketches. Sketch drawings conceptual model are located on the the corresponding planes of projections. Modeling is used for multi-purpose graphics system three-dimensional modeling 3ds Max. The method of polygonal extrusion is applied to three-dimensional modeling of structural parts of the car. Smoothing the surface polygons hosted by the objects NURMS (nonuniform rational-smoothed mesh). The three-dimensional computer model of the developed concept of the car is presented. The process of appointing individual structural materials made car parts at polygons. Used for visualization plug-V-Ray. Rendering options of shaded model the car are for descriptive reasons given.

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Keywords Conceptual design; car; bionics; natural forms; car body; polygonal extrusion; shaded model; rendering.
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