Authors O.L. Bukhvalov, V.I. Gorodetsky, O.V. Karsaev, G.I. Kudryavtsev, V.V. Samoylov
Month, Year 03, 2012 @en
Index UDC
DOI Д-1239, И46
Abstract At present time, manufacturing control technology is regulated with standards and models developed by ISA, MESA and PSLX and like. These standards are periodically updated thus reflecting their intentions to smoothly optimize them according to the existing trends in manufacturing organizational and management issues. However these standards, in particular, the distribution of the control functions among ERP-, APS- and MES-systems, are basically oriented to the peculiarities of the reliable and highly automated production having a stable order portfolio. In such productions, the role of the human factor is ignorable. However these standards are not well fit the needs of productions having highly dynamical workflow of orders like tool shops of big plant where the aforementioned dynamics is extremely high. The paper proposes new problem statement of and also new viewpoint on how interaction between the functions of APS- and MES- systems should be organized in order to improve performance of the productions having high dynamics and describes corresponding implemented multi-agent predictive production management system aimed at preventive conflict management that is practically used in a big plant.

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Keywords Agent; multi-agent system; production logistics; strategic planning; prediction, conflict resolution
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